Knard bike starting to take form

It’s been awhile since I posted photos on this frame I started months ago…slow progress because of the move and holidays! So here are some shots just to look at. The welding of the tubes I’m welding and not brazing on the front triangle are done. They look different than what I usually put out. It must be my spirit star pulling towards Venus instead of Mars. Yep, that’s it. The puddle was plenty hot enough, just looks different because I was cruising through the beads. The finish on the Paragon head tube definitely makes for some cool looking heat affected zone (HAZ) coloring. It’s funny how fast I can weld when I’m working on my own frames vs. frames for friends. I worry less and I end up just getting in the zone like I actually know what I’m doing…and it’s super fun. Definitely get in more of a groove. Welding is definitely my favorite part of building up a bike.

Trying some Retrotec-esqe twin top tubes on this frame that I’m making for myself. I’ve never owned a Retrotec, but i’ve always loved them. I even tried pretty hard to get on their racing team back when Bob Seals was still the owner and wore a pink speedo at Mammoth while racing his singlespeed. I guess I just wasn’t cool enough for their bus. I also didn’t smoke enough pot. So anyways, I thought I’d emulate and make one for myself after all these years.

I got the 5/8″ SWAG dies for my tube roller and rolled the top tubes. Bending tubes on the roller is really easy, it’s the mitering and keeping the miters in phase of bent tubes that’s the hard part. The Anvil MTMF makes it way easier though since the V-blocks keep the bend in phase.

I’m using the new 29er chainstays from Dedacciai for the first time. They have a big 26 degree bend and are S-bends so are really the only thing I could try and use with the big Knard tires (which I still don’t have) unless you bend your own. I still had to dimple them for clearance. I may go with a wider BB shell for the next build depending on how this turns out and I can actually test the tires in the frame. Drawings are great and all but nothing substitutes for the actual parts in-hand.

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  1. Whit, I came across your blog recently. Great stuff. Your current build here is looking good and your new shop setup looks nice and spacious. Build on!

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