Riding and social media-ized out

Not much new on this end, too busy to finish the frame I’m still building and post stuff other than on Flickr and now Facebook (yes, i’ve entered that world…scary!).  Basically, I’m social-mediaized out. I don’t know what and when to post where.  En sum, I now have Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, and Flickr. But strangely, it seems to parse out somewhat nicely.

Flirkr is mostly to share the build shots with other framebuilders, along with this blog that seems to somehow help some builders.  This blog has been about my progress towards becoming a “professional” framebuilder and now we’ve almost reached that goal this blog may be more about the frame queue, pretty pics of people’s bikes, and riding shots on my bikes than about what it has been about, but we’ll see.  At some point I may just be repeating myself on the process parts of framebuilding, but I’ll be sure to post the new and exciting ‘how-to’ stuff.

Then there’s Twitter. Not sure if I’ll keep Tweeting. Seems like Facebook covers this format pretty well and i reach MANY more people in that format than with my Tweets.  I can link the two too.  It’s stressful keeping it all up-to-date I tell you!

Here are some riding shots from my Birthday last Friday when I turned 40!  I went for a big “road ride” on the All-rounder monstercross with the fenders on.  Some pavement, some dirt road that was one of the biggest mud-roads I’ve ever ridden.  I’m truly shocked the fenders didn’t get torn off my bike and get thrown into my spokes leaving me in a partially frozen mud bog by the side of a road that apparently only one dude drives each day to go shoot shit up.   The road riding is certainly nice here in the backwoods.  Very few cars, narrow windy roads in the tall trees, streams everywhere and lots of elevation change.  I think I could get used to it.  I’ve never been one to road ride but I like these singletrack roads mixed with dirt.  The All-rounder is definitely an ideal bike for winter here when it’s too warm to fatbike.  It’s been 60 degrees for some time now and I don’t think they know what wind is here. I’m totally not scared saying it: there’s no wind here. There…i dare you, you stupid wind Gods, just try it. You don’t even know this place exists.

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