Process shots from Adam’s 29+

Adam’s frame is 95% done. I just need to cap the wishbone stay ends, put on a few cable guides, ream/face, and clean up before posting any final parting shots.  It was a challenging build not just because the bent tubes but because it was so interrupted by time away from the shop. I have to say, if i wanted a custom 29+ this is what I’d order too.  Maybe with internal cables though.  I’ll post geometry and more details when I post the ‘final’ shots before it goes to paint. But for now here are some process shots for the FB dorks out there.

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    1. Chainstay length isn’t too short actually on this frame: ended up being 439 actual (17″ effective length – horizontal to the ground). The frame’s got 70mm of BB drop to lower the BB a tad more than the Krampus (65mm drop). I think I should be able to run 2.4’s on the frame too and get a BB height hovering around 12″ which should be good for bikepacking.

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