Kurstin’s longtail fatbike

Kurstin was looking for a longtail fatbike that he could load up and go get lost all over Nevada. The ability to carry a lot of water and food is the main reason certain (crazy) people love longtail fatbikes. There’s more storage space, they are stable when loaded up with the long wheelbase, and the fat tires can float on sand better than normal tire sizes. Of course they’re also heavier and harder to carry but can be pushed just fine.

He chose the “suicide shifter” on the seat tube, an idea Dylan had me put on his longtail a few years ago. It’s a downtube shifter boss but on the upper seat tube that controls the front derailleur. You’ll have to ask them how they like it, I’m not sure myself.

I made some cardboard cutouts for Nuclear Sunrise to start on the bags before the frame came back from powdercoat. If this is something that interests you, i’m happy to build the frame and fork and even racks, it will just cost more than a regular fatbike and will take a lot longer to build!

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