Now for something completely different…a couple of kids bikes

What a cool project! This was a coordinated effort between Adam, Chris, and I that resulted in these twins getting a couple of sweet bikes in a time when bike shops were sold out of everything (aka. the Covid Bike Boom). The geometry was created by Chris at McGovern Cycles for Adam at Alpha Bicycle Company for his daughter’s new bikes. I figured out the details and stuck the tubes together before sending to Adam where the girls used Spray Bike and a lot of cool stencils to create their dream bikes. The bikes currently have 20″ wheels but will also fit 24″ wheels with at least 2″ tires. The BB height will of course increase but at least there’s the option of growing the bike as the girls grow up. I hope they have years of enjoyment with these bikes! Below is a link to Adam’s writeup and all photos with paint on the bikes are his.

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