Kevin’s Pinion fatbike

I’m catching up with posting about the bikes of 2020 I’m surprised how many were fatbikes! I’ve not had many fatbike orders the last few years but 2020

This one was a doozy! It was my first Pinion gearbox bike and that is a new learning experience in itself. From what I’ve seen and heard Kevin is a talented rider and pushes his gear to the limit. He had a good idea of what he wanted in a custom fatbike in regards to geometry and size/fit so all i had to do was figure out how to make it happen. He was wanting the shortest chainstays possible using the gearbox. If you know about the Pinion bridge where the gearbox is bolted onto, then you know it’s not usual that “short” and “chainstays” are used in a description of a gearbox bike. He wanted to use multiple wheel sizes as well as a mullet version so asked for tilted Sliding dropouts to help a bit with tire diameter differences when swapping between plus and fat tires. The frame and fork would have to be strong enough to keep up with his style of riding as well as loaded touring and winter fatbiking with the rigid fork. He asked for dual portage handles to help carry the bike with a full framebag. He wanted a 140mm suspension corrected “sleeved-unicrown” (Type II inspired) fork with bosses to mount most anything. There’s way too much to talk about with the process so here’s the gallery instead with a photo of the geometry at the end.

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