tbt 2015: Isaac’s Fireside UTM 27.5+

Isaac’s 27.5+ frame and fork are build to be together, the fork being non-suspension adjusted in length. The frame has the largest front triangle allowable without hurting him too bad if he slips out of the pedals and lands on the top tube…

There are a ton of bosses on the frame and fork to attach things like bottles and bags. In fact he handmade the bags seen in the photo! I really like how the seat bag hugs the seatpost and uses the hourglass bosses on the upper seatstays to secure it so it won’t waddle around, a design I’m surprised hasn’t been copied with the tons of bag makers out there these days.

Isaac rode the crap out of this bike, placing 2nd in the inaugural Bones to Blue bikepacking race, as well as racing the Comstock Epic, Stagecoach 400, TransNorCal among others.

He named the bike the Fireside. I really love that name and the feeling it bestowed upon the bike: an adventure buddy that joins you by the fire while out on a tour. The orange sparkle powdercoat with orange camo downtube decals top off that namesake. I added the UTM after the fact, standing for “Ultimate Touring Machine” and also “Universal Transverse Mercator” previously being a GIS analyst and early GPS user. If you don’t know what UTM is give it a google as I won’t explain it as well as the web.

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