tbt Sean’s singlespeed fatbike

That one is a crazy lookin frame! There isn’t another like it out there with the curved wishbone seatstays. Sean wanted a frame and fork for his riding around central Alaska. It’s suspension adjusted geometry, high BB to clear all that snow, has rear rack mounts, short chainstays with Rocker dropouts, and fits 26×4.8’s, 29×3’s, and probably 27.5×4.5’s too with the rockers back but that wheel size wasn’t around yet when we built this. Fun to see it’s been taken to Hawaii, AZ, Texas, and i’m sure more places I’m not aware of and always seems to have a beer or flask in tow. Cheers!

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  1. Would love to hear your thoughts on 26 fat vs. 27.5 fat Whit. Seems like that latter is really taking over. Also great colour choice for the powder!

    1. I’m a big fan of 27.5 fat but may not be for everyone. Can theoretically run a narrower tire and have similar float to a fatter 26, and will fit in frames easier and with a narrower Q and chainline. But the fattest tires are still only available in 26 so if you’re riding a lot of soft snow you’re better off sticking with 26.

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