Sue’s Snackpacker

Sue spends a ton of time on her bike at home and around the world. She’s up in AK and was influenced by Nick’s pink bike some years ago. Before this bike she had a Mone’ La Roca and loved it but wanted a little longer version to fit her better and get a little bigger front triangle for storage space. Frame has the new Paragon sliders with which are great, they allow the easy use of a rear rack since the brake caliper is on the chainstay and they come with machined eyelets. The low-standover brace also functions as a handle but the placement of the Braxton portage handle first found on Nick’s pink bike is way more comfortable when there’s a framebag in the front triangle being lower down. The color scheme was to match her favorite bag of snacks out on the trail – Takis! It’s called the Snackpacker because it will pretty much always live with a framebag that holds a lot of snacks.

Photos by Sue from her recent trip: “The Meriwether rocked it through Italy, France, Corsica, Sardinia and Spain like a champ!!!!”

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